Saturday, July 16, 2005

Quick hits for a Saturday

1) Wow. Trot Nixon with an inside the park home run. That doesn't happen very often. Yanks just have a truly terrible defense and no depth (though I will say the poor play on the ball wasn't necessarily that terrible). Regardless, very fun game last night.

2) The former neighbor whom we broke while moving has apparently asked us to boycott any moving out chores with her. I'm not sure whether I should be offended that she deemed my help to be counterproductive, or pleased that I don't have to do any physical labor on a Saturday. Actually, scratch that. I'm pretty sure.

3) Interesting conversation about Edgar Renteria last night, where I once again pointed out my theory on his signing. Basically, we didn't have a choice but to go long money. I know a lot of people have been very disappointed by his play this year (despite switching leagues and facing all new pitchers), and that they really wanted someone else. However, there really wasn't anyone else to sign. Essentially, we had the option of Edgar, Cabrera (who hasn't exactly lit it up in Anaheim), or a stop-gap for a year or two until one of our prospects comes to the major. Personally, I think we got the only one of the three that was really acceptable. Sure, we probably paid a bit more than a lot of people would have liked and were forced to tack on an extra year. However, looking at the free agent classes at SS last year, this year, and next year: who could we have got? Nobody, except maybe Nomar, but I think we can all agree that wouldn't have really worked out. I mean, look at the contract Jimmy Rollins (who is no whiz with the bat) just signed in Philly. There is a premium at the shortstop position on guys who can hit, and none of them were coming up for free agency for quite some time. Sure, we could have gone with a stop-gap until highly touted prospect Hanley Ramirez is ready, but looking at it now that doesn't seem like he will be ready until late 2006 at the earliest. Would we really be happy with a corpse like Barry Larkin or a hole in the order like Pokey Reese for this time? I don't think so. Let Edgar be. He is adjusting to a new crop of pitchers, half of the double plays he hit into came in the first two weeks (so yes, he leads the team with 10, but has had only 5 since the middle of April), and his defense has been coming on of late.

4) For the record, yesterday's post was inspired by illness as compared to a hangover. Still feel like I have a throatful of Liza Minelli pills stuck in my throat.


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