Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fighting through the plague

Fighting through the plague today, and I'm struggling at work, as my body feels like the inside of Tara Reid's mouth on a Sunday morning. Here are some quick hits that I can give before I pass out and my head hits the keyboard:

1) Sox bullpen, infield backups changed. Chad Bradford for Payton now officially unofficial, as it was announced on and Youks was sent down. Also, Schilling was activated and forced Scott Cassidy to be outrighted to Pawtucket. So now the bullpen breaks down as follows:
Closer/setup: Schilling/Timlin (not sure of the order, though they say Schill is getting more of the closer role)
righty/lefty tandem: Bradford/Myers, allowing Tito to murder another team's lineup in the 6th or 7th
Longman: Jeremi Gonzalez
Non-LOOGY left: Embree
White Flag: Halama

So, hopefully, an important game will look something like this:
Innings 1-6: Starter
Inning 7: Myers/Bradford platoon on matchups
Inning 8: Timlin
Inning 9: Schilling
Final score Sox 3, Other team 2

2) Condolences to Bill Belichick, who apparently has been separated from his wife for over a year (but is just news now). Hope things turn out alright for you.

3) Like to give a wink and a nod to Bell Labs in New Jersey. The former employer of McGuffin the Elder has a workforce that is second to none, one with a good taste in weblogs.

4) Happy Bastille Day to all, especially to the only known brother of your humble weblogger, who turns 29 today. May your new home in Florida welcome you, and your special day be... well... special. Happy Birthday, Bro. Enjoy the leopard skin couch.

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