Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A guy can dream, right?

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Here are the things I would like to see the Sox do as an organization, specifically this year, but with the future in mind as well. While I'm sure I might be accused of being a bad fan for saying this , but I have come to the conclusion that the moves needed to win the world series with this team would cost too much and probably still have a ton of question marks. Mind you, I am not saying we should punt (far from it), but I do think we can make some moves that will both be helpful in the long run and also this year without emptying the farm system or collecting a dozen bad contracts. However, here is what I think the team needs to do to be a better postseason team, even if it means we might not make the postseason (catch that? A little confusing, I know, but it is a question how much short-term stuff will be detrimental that is really a boon in the long run):


1B: Trade Millar to Houston for Qualls if remotely possible (probably a BS rumor), if not, ship him to whomever will take him for a B or B+ prospect. Failing that, trade him to Japan for a can of Sapporo and a spicy tuna roll. Manny's Monkey has been killing the team. No defense, no speed on the basepaths, and poor instincts are acceptable if the person is a good influence in the clubhouse. When you add in poor hitting from a power position, however, that just doesn't cut it. When you hit 6th behind Papi and Tek/Nixon, you need to have more than 33 RBI and 4 HRs. I don't care that they are somewhat redundant, but Olerud and Patagine have to be a better option, especially if Youks can work his way back to a roster spot (which he will), though Petagine should slide into Millar's 25-man roster spot. Again, I realize most of the vitriol of the fandom has been aimed at Bellhorn (and not undeservedly), but at least Horny contributes defensively and bats 9th. Millar is supposed to be protection for the big guns with his only asset, his bat. Sorry to say it, but Millar needs to be gone (unless he accepts a reduced role, which we already know will not happen).

2B: Say what you will about Horny being a dead spot in the lineup, but Alex Cora isn't much better. I don't think Pedroia is ready to come up (how is his wrist?), and Hanley definitely isn't ready. This spot is the puzzler, because the easy answer is to bring up Hanley (who is already on the 40-man roster), which I don't think is a good idea. However, Mueller isn't durable or rangey enough to play 2nd on a full-time basis. Machado at AAA is probably the best short-term idea.

3B: Mueller is solid, though I would like to have Youkilis backing him up rather than taking out his frustration on the ball at Pawtucket. I would say we don't need to carry 12 pitchers and bring back Youks, but I actually think we do need to carry 12 pitchers (just not the 12 we have).

C: Fine


Not too much to write about out here, as the outfield is doing what it needs to be. With Kapler on the horizon (likely to fill the 12th pitcher's spot), we will have the righty platoon for Nixon and with Stern filling the role of "speed/defense". They'll be fine. I also remember seeing somewhere that Kapler tooks some time at 3B in spring training, though I doubt that will be necessary.


Ah, now for the fun part. If I can bust out my cliche booklet, "You can never have enough pitching", and man, the Sox sure don't. Let's start with the easy part.


Not as solid as one would hope, but then again, whose is? This is a rotation occupied by about 5 #3s, in that you get some fantastic performances from any one of them on a given day (except maybe Miller), but they also have the possibility of exploding. Personally, I think we can survive with the rotation as is. I've heard mention that we are in talks to give up Arroyo, Shoppach, Abe Alvarez, and xxxx for AJ Burnett. Thanks but no thanks, I don't want a 2-month rental whose numbers come from a pitcher-friendly ballpark and a very solid defense behind him, especially when he will likely be injured the moment he steps foot on a new mound. Jason Schmidt intrigues me, but I still think you are giving up too much. I think the Sox have made their bed as far as the rotation goes, and they have to toss and turn in it from here on out.


Embree? Um, see ya'. Halama? Take your six o'clock shadow with you. I realize DFAing these guys is hard to swallow, and getting nothing back for two major league contracts is tough; however, their roster spots are needed immediately. Bring up two of the following: Paplebon, Lester, Dinardo, Delcarmen, or even Alvarez. Use the two roster spots to figure out who will help the club as a reliever down the stretch to compliment Schilling, Timlin, and Bradford/Myers. Gonzalez gets the long-man position. If one of those guys can be more useful than Alan "My fastball is on a zip-line" Embree or John "If I weren't left-handed I would be the burger-flipper Foulke was talking about" Halama, then so be it. Whichever of those prospects proves their salt stays up as the 6th reliever until Foulke comes back. And again, count me in the group who thinks Schilling isn't starting until April '06.

I realize I am suggesting burning a few option years and just scrapping a few major leaguers, but you know what? So be it. This is how I want it done. Now, here is what I ultimately want the 25-man roster to look like the day before we make the playoffs:

CF Damon
SS Renteria
DH Ortiz
LF Manny
RF Trot
C Varitek
1B Patagine
3B Mueller
2B Cora/Bellhorn

Bench: Cora/Machado, Kapler, Stern, Youklis, Mirabelli


9th Foulke
8th Schilling
7th Timlin
Matchups- Bradford/Myers
Longman- Gonzalez

In case Foulke doesn't make it back or one of the other pitchers goes down, whomever was successfully called up into the bullpen before would be the 25th man.

Alright, now that that is settled, rip away!


At 3:48 PM, July 19, 2005, Anonymous AL East pitchers said...

Millar is perfect where he is.

At 6:30 AM, July 20, 2005, Blogger Fletcher Austin McGuffin said...

Now honestly, not ALL the AL East pitchers feel that way. The Sox' pitchers never get to face him AND they have to have his defense behind them. They want him gone...

At 10:52 AM, July 20, 2005, Anonymous Mike Piazza said...

Millar is perfect where he is.

At 12:02 PM, July 21, 2005, Blogger NFL Adam said...

Advertising... you sellout! Just kidding. I was kicking around the idea.

But back to sports, there is a troubling report that if the Embree is let go, the Angels are interested in acquiring him.

At 7:41 PM, July 21, 2005, Anonymous SoCal said...

But Embree isn't latin!!


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