Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tempering the tampering

In regards to Steady B's comment in the last post:

While it is very conceivable that the Sox tampered with Drew, I think he would have excercised that option regardless. When your agent is Scott Boras and the insane money that Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano are getting, I don't care if Drew said he had leprosy and beat up a hooker, he'd get at least that $33 million back in this market. He was the best outfielder on the market in a year that will hurt a lot of franchises moving forward, so I'm convinced he would have opted out even if the Sox and Yanks had their outfields set.

I more was making the comment about the owner being dumb. If Henry or Steinbrenner started saying "Yeah, we're thinking of trading for Pujols and Santana in a deal", even if there is truth to the negotiations it still screws with the mentality of a player on another team (and that was just a hypothetical comment). If Lowell or Tavarez suddenly get upset because they were included, not just talked about but already set to be traded, well, that is kind of shitty (though may or may not be tampering). If making players on another team aware of the fact that they were not enough to get a deal done but were already put in another uniform by management, there might be some fallout with guys that you were to have gone to war with for the next six months.

Whether it is tampering or not, it is just bad policy. It is one thing to hear your name bandied around associated with a trade rumor that is ultimately speculation. It is another for an owner to come out and say, "Yeah, we had this guy, that guy, and the other guy agreed on, it was just that last piece that didn't fit."

Bah. Now I'm worked up.


At 10:34 AM, February 07, 2007, Anonymous Steady B said...

A-rod is going to to opt out of his contract, and the remaining three years. It does not seem that it is due to the frustration of dealing with New York, rather that he just wants more money!? The following quote is an excerpt taken from the

Obviously, when Alex’s contract was done, the revenues of the game were around $3 billion,” Boras said. “Now they are around $6 billion. The elite position player has not been really graded in this new revenue stream we’ve seen.” Translation: Rodriguez, in Boras’s opinion, can probably make more money with a new deal after this season.

I have no clue who would be willing to take him? The Yankees, Redsox and Mets could easily afford him. The Yanks are being more auster and I am not sure they would like to pay him more than they are paying Jeter, when all A-rod has been is a headache.The Redsox.....that aint happening....but he would solve the shortstop issue or the third base issue. Although A-rod grew up a Mets fan, and tried to engineer a trade to the Mets when he was trying to save himself from the quick sand that was the Rangers, there is no room in the infield for him. David Wright is the face of the franchise and can only play third, they already moved Jose Reyes to second once and they are unlikely to do it again. I can not imagine A-rod playing second base for the Mets, so where does that leave A-rod? How about the Cubs, oh wait they already over blew their load already, and they have to sign Carlos Zambrano. Oh wait a minute.........the Angels!
We have a winner!


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