Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Onion

He's still an ass and an idiot, but that was a pretty good speech. I like the healthcare tax cut, though I doubt that the 40+ million uninsured will see a major reduction (I'd guess 10-15%, though that is still good), mostly because a lot of the people will still not be able to afford it. I think the lion's share of the uninsured are in the 0 and 10% tax bracket who may not be able to afford healthcare (or float the cost short-term until they get their deductions back in April), but if we can insure another 3-6 mill, that is still pretty good.

I wish he had mentioned sugar beets in his alternative fuel bit. We can grow sugar beets in our temperate climate, they have the sugar that can be converted easily and efficiently to ethanol with current technology, and it could get to market without the cost/R&D to get cellulose ethonal to work. Otherwise, pretty good.

Oh, and the Baby Einstein woman shoul be dragged out and shot. Her business is predicated on the idea that playing Mozart to a child will make them smarter, based on a study that said playing Mozart to college students had a slight and transitive effect. That is, fully developed brains did slightly better on exams if they listened to Mozart right before taking a test, but the effect disipated within hours. Yeah, bilking gullible parents out of money over their inscurities of having a dumb child: way to represent captalism!


At 9:15 AM, January 24, 2007, Anonymous Dorf said...

Re: Mozart lady

I think that IS a pretty good representation of capitalism, depending on the exact interpretation of the word "good." If by "good," you mean positive, then no. But if by "good" you mean representative, then yes.

How sad.

At 3:14 PM, January 29, 2007, Anonymous first time long time said...

off the topic question:

I believe Scott Boras does not know the meaning of myopic, can anyone confirm this?

Boras said, “guarantee provisions are not customarily applicable in normal major league contracts. In this contract, the guarantee provision is in place with the exception of a very, very myopic element of this, so this is something that is certainly treated for all intents and purposes as a $70 million contract.”

This is an except taken from the NYtimes and it has been bothering me all day.


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