Friday, May 13, 2005

As if tuition wasn't already wasted

Quick hits and new developments:

1. So I now have official confirmation of my fellowship for this upcoming fall, and this means I will be teaching a class to undergraduates. In addition, I will not be required to continue racking up the debt I built up in college. To suggest that I am pleased by this would be an understatement of unimaginable quantity, that could only be dwarfed by the truly heroic intake of alcohol I am about to consume to celebrate this momentus development. Parents, you're childrens' education is in good hands.

2. I am pleased that Family Guy is back on the air, and I know that there are only two episodes to judge, but I think they are pressing. I hope they shape up. Also, American Dad has shown me nothing.

3. As much as I love baseball, there is one thing about it that annoys me: off days. Fortunately, the Sox are back on again today, though the first pitch isn't until 10. These late starts when playing on the west coast (in Seattle tonight) make me a little less sad at the prospect of the giant earthquake that will eventually for the slide into the ocean, even if it will make Lex Luthor the wealthiest land-owner in the United States.

4. Walking home from work yesterday, I passed by the Uptown theater and saw that they were having an advanced screening of Star Wars. There were reporters, people in tuxedos, geeks in costumes, the whole nine yards. While I have nothing particularly witty or informative to add, I will say that there is no experience quite like seeing a storm trooper getting out of a limosuine.

5. I was rewatching my copy of the Patriots-Rams broadcast because, well, I'm a huge dork, and I noticed something I hadn't seen before. Right after Ricky Proehl caught the touchdown that tied the score, they showed him being congratulated on the sidelines, he and a few other Rams have on hats that say they won the superbowl. Throw this in on top of the fact that he said in warm-ups, "Tonight, a dynasty is born!", is it any wonder that the Pats won? He jinxed them, and even had to repeat his torture two years later with the Panthers. And I've never thanked him.

6. While typing this, I just saw a promo for a movie called "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants". I think the joke is pretty obvious.


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